Smokefree success stories

Thousands of people have quit for good with our help, and studies show that you're up to four times more likely to quit successfully with our specialist help and support. Read real stories from ex-smokers to remind you that you're not alone in your Smokefree journey.

Smokefree success stories

Jay, age 46, Huyton

My stop smoking advisor Helen kept my motivation going and I felt encouraged through the calls and support I received.

I started smoking when I was 22 years old. I started at this age because I was friends with a smoker at the time. My friend offered me a cig one night (I remember this like it was yesterday) and because I was bored, I smoked it. I didn’t like the taste but felt the urge to continue smoking, this progressed over time and before I knew it I was smoking a lot. By the time I was 30 I started smoking weed. This was around the time life got tough for me as I spent time in jail and my smoking spiralled from there.

I really don’t like the smell of smoke and I never smoke indoors. I smoked both weed and cigs but never really enjoyed them, also financially I could not afford them. I came across a leaflet at the doctors and gave Knowsley stop smoking service a call. I called the service in April 2020 for help to quit smoking but by this point I had already managed to stop smoking weed before I joined the service.

I personally found it very difficult to stop smoking during lockdown, I do not work at the moment. I couldn’t go the gym, socialise and felt restricted. I also currently live in is in a block of flats which I do not like living in.

It would have been a lot easier and better for me if I could have seen an advisor face to face however, my Stop Smoking advisor Helen kept my motivation going and I felt encouraged through the calls and support I received.

The staff are lovely to talk to. I felt at ease when speaking to them over the phone, I am really happy I do not smoke weed or cigs anymore. My top tip for anyone wanting to quit is to get in touch with these guys at the Knowsley Stop Smoking Service and KEEP BUSY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

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Jeff has been struggling to quit smoking for years. His 60 a day habit unfortunately ended up compromising his health. However, he has manged to kick the habit with the help of one of our lovely stop smoking advisors Rita. Jeff has done amazing. Jeff has agreed to tell us his story to inspire others to do the same.

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Christine's Quit Smoking Journey

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Nick, Age 34.

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Donna, age 59, Huyton

My family are all so proud of me for stopping smoking including my 13 grandchildren. With the money I have saved from not smoking, I am able to save so I can have a proper holiday with the family when it’s safe to do so. I can’t wait!

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Angela, age 61, Kirkby

I walked in to Whiston Hospital with 40 Cigarettes unopened and I left a week later with the same amount.

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